Software that allows you to map glove or joystick movements on games

Software that allows you to map glove or joystick movements on games

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Program license: Free

Program by: karl-kenner

Version: 0.43

Works under: Windows


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Map joystick or glove movements to your keyboard presses during your favorite games.

This complex piece of software actually performs a fairly straightforward task while you are gaming. It allows you to map out your joystick or glove movements so that they correlate to keyboard presses. It's a way to exchange one input device for the keyboard's capabilities. A good example is the Wii Remote. You can actually use your mouse in place of the Wii Remote. When you move your Wii Remote, the mouse cursor will move, giving you added capabilities in some games.

This is a dream software that gamers have been hoping would be developed for years. After all, the keyboard can be a cumbersome piece of hardware for some games. Being able to play with your favorite controllers in place of the keyboard is great. Programming GlovePIE is fairly simple. You use GlovePIE script which you can easily learn in order to program your devices and the keyboard keys. While it has a bit of a learning curve, most gamers enjoy hardware as part of the game itself, so it is a great deal of fun to learn and the payoff can be great in some of the games.

You can expect support for every operating system from Windows 98 to today's most recent version. This is a lot of support and allows people who have been enjoying the program for awhile continue to enjoy it with older systems as well.


  • Customize all input options easily
  • Works with most input devices
  • Very responsive to player movements


  • Some lag can be expected
  • Can take awhile to learn all the scripts

GlovePIE is a great companion for any gamer.

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